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Are you a beginner and want to work as a YouTuber or Influencer? 🤔 So, If you have no major skills to start a career on YouTube - this YouTube Course is easy to understand, easy to follow, and easy to do. 💪 After watching the step by step video lessons and after practicing the works, you will have complete knowledge about the job and will be ready to start your journey on YouTube as a Real Content Creator! Hope you enjoy the course and best of luck! 🚀

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Basic information about course concepts, tools & what to expect.

  • YouTube Course Overview - Introduction 5min 32sec

Every Depth Detail about Channel Creation, Customization + YouTube Studio

  • Channel Creation, Customize & Optimization 14min 21sec
  • Introduction to YouTube Studio 14min 21sec

Learn about YouTube's Copyright Fair Usage Policy & Community Guidelines!

  • YouTube Copyright Policies - Must Know Before Start 7min 18sec
  • Introduction to AdSense + Community Guidelines 5min 18sec

Complete guide about how to upload on YouTube correctly + How to use Elements!!

  • Uploading On YouTube + Secret Tips 15min 58sec
  • Add Video Elements - Endscreen, Cards & Subtitles 6min 59sec

In this section you'll get to learn about Audience Retention in YouTube's Algorithm & Also we share some useful tips on how to maintain Audience Retention!

  • What is Audience Retention & How to make your Videos Viral!! 5min 23sec

Learn SEO, Keywords research in Detail, Also learn YouTube Analytics in depth.

  • Keyword Research/SEO In Detail - Boost Views 24min 23sec
  • Learn detail about YouTube Analytics 13min 51sec

Learn how to get Copyright Free Stock Pictures, 4K Footages & Background Audios. Also learn about Public, Private, Unlisted, Scheduled & Premiere on Youtube.

  • Free High Quality Stock Audios, Photos & Videos 8min 41sec
  • Public, Private, Unlisted, Scheduled & Premiere Options 5min 3sec

In this section you'll get to know about 3 Things you should never do in your YouTube Journey!!

  • Things you should never do on a YouTube Channel 4min 29sec

Learn about how to apply for AdSense, Monetization & how to apply ads onto the videos.

  • Applying for Monetization + Rules & Policies 12min 24sec

I've answered 10 most asked questions (This one is most important episode)

  • Frequently Asked Questions *Important Lecture* 14min 12sec

Here I'll share a secret code to get subscribers instantly & also add a bonus in the last.

  • Secret Code + Bonus Service For You All 4min 16sec
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Syed Ali Hamza

Founder, Filmorians

8+ Years of Experience in Video Editing, 7+ Years of Experience in YouTube


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Yes, If you're thinking to start your YouTube Journey then, this YouTube Course is enough to take a start.

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15+ enrolled on this course